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    3. Relaxation Area

      When planning the design of the relaxation area it is important to consider not only the natural and climatic conditions of the area but also the special features of nature, the interests and the need of the person and the people close to them. The selection of plants and different elements of landscape design, is dependent on the climate, decorative qualities and purpose of the relaxation area. A comfortable bench in a secluded part of the garden, for example, can be used for reflection and rest. Bright flowers with a strong aroma will be hardly appropriate for this zone. Flower beds with bright and happy colors will create happy mood if they will be arranged in the immediate proximity of a barbecue area or next to a gazebo (areas intended for noisy events).


      There is a very large amount of different styles of the design of the relaxation area. Each site is unique because of each owner's tastes and preferences, but the most important question when considering a design for a relaxation area will always be:  is it possible to rest here? You will know the design is finished when  you can answer this question with confidence.