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    3. Main Entrance

      The main entrance is the face of the property and the first impression of the owner that many guests get. The composition of this zone does not have many limitations. It is in no way compulsory to have it located  strictly in front of the facade of the house. The main entrance can be located elsewhere in the site depending on how the house is position on the property, the special architectural features of the house and the needs of the owner and designer. The design of the main entrance can be realized in any style of landscape design. More frequently it is carried out in the regular style unlike most of the other zones which are usually designed in an irregular style, for which naturalness is characteristic.


      Besides these two styles of the design of the site, others can be used as well. For example, a forest style, especially if your site is located in an adult, well grown forest tract. It is completely possible that for the improvement of the exterior view of the entrance zone in this site only a small cosmetic harvesting of forest will be required as well as small accents to the overall design in the form of additional groups of plants and bushes.