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    3. Initial Information

      step-1You built the house of your dream - beautiful, reliable and now you want tenderly surround it with an excellent garden that has a perfectly flat lawn, to create colourful landscaping with a decorative pond and many comfortable nooks. Landscape design is a creative and captivating process, which requires a special knowledge. It includes many elements: from the inspection of the site to the planning of all of the complex plants and structures. The climatic conditions of the region, the architectural style of the house and the use of landscape styles should be considered in this case. Landscape construction, like the construction of anything, is achieved on the basis of the design.  

      In order to create the design, which would represent your taste and idea of the ideal garden, your wishes should be thoroughly thought out. Therefore before approaching the design you should consider the what, where and how of the site and to write down your own wishes.  First of all it is necessary to answer the following questions and filling out the Customer Form, which was created by professional landscape designers and will be basis for the design:  

      ? in what color range do you want to see your garden; its mood

      ? what zones must be present

      ? what style of garden design: formal, informal, fusion, etc.

      ? which outline: bent lines, geometric forms, straight lines, natural forms, etc.

      ? the special elements: parking for the cars, main entrance area, relaxation area, barbecue, pond, retaining walls, alpine garden, greenhouse, etc.

      ? your favourite plants

      ? would you like to have any lights or irrigation for your garden

      ? consider all of you wishes and possibilities